I am a Staff Research Scientist in IBM Research at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center. My research interests include security and privacy, big data analytics & distributed systems, the security and privacy of machine learning, and cloud and mobile computing. I received my Ph.D. on the topic of big data privacy and deep learning with differential privacy from the School of Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology.

My work and research

My recent research interests focus on data privacy, machine learning security and AI techniques for system security. My research on data privacy targets at identifying privacy threats and risks during different phases of data life-cycle and the issues of existing privacy protection designs, and developing principled privacy-preserving algorithmic and systematic solutions. The goal is to effectively protect data privacy and ensure regulatory compliance while preserving data utility.

In IBM Research I have been working on large-scale log based system anomaly detection, AI-Ops, system data privacy identification and protection, and machine learning system optimization. My past research involved network security, wireless sensor networks, cloud computing, and algorithmic solutions for improving the performance of distributed systems.


  • May 2022, our paper “Serving Deep Learning Models with Deduplication from Relational Databases” was accepted by VLDB 2022. Congratulations and many thanks to our collaborators Lixi, Prof. Jia Zou in ASU and all other co-authors.
  • Dec 2021, it is a great honor to receive 2021 IBM Research Accomplishment award (for contributions to zAI software).
  • Nov 2021, program committee member of ICDCS 2022, research track of Security, Privacy, and Trust in Distributed Systems.
  • Oct 19 2021, our summer intern Kai Li’s paper ‘‘DRL-Clusters: Buffer Management with Clustering based Deep Reinforcement Learning’’ is accepted by NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Databases and AI. Congratulations to Kai!
  • Dec 13 2020, we have been selected to receive the George N. Saridis Best Transactions Paper Award, for our paper titled, “A Review of Communication, Driver Characteristics, and Controls Aspects of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC)”, which was published in the IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. The news can be found at https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9272520.